May 15, 2019: Award Winning Wednesday

In-House of the Year

Mid-States Utility Trailer Sales

A family owned semi-trailer dealership for Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company. The team consists of two members, the Marketing Manager Katerina Pickup and the Marketing Assistant Stephanie Myers, who work with the sales, finance and recruitment departments to provide MQLs and deliver marketing campaigns that offer best ROI. The team’s focus in 2018 was to utilize data and use new technology to generate more MQLs. Notable 2018 achievements included 32% increase in trailer sales MQLs from 1,285 to 1,701, 59% increase in organic online traffic to www.midstatesutility.com from 15,301 to 24,328 visits, 80% email marketing database growth from 13,060 to 23,477 contacts, 16% growth in social media following from 3,139 to 3,642 across all platforms and phenomenal, unprecedented media coverage on Business Wire, 5 national industry titles, 1 state title and 3 local media outlets. Newly, the team released YouTube product promotions, with all material recorded and edited in-house.

The team also achieved remarkable 80% new customer trailer sales tracking back to MQLs. With no CRM in place, this is a highly time-consuming but critical task that provided valuable intelligence for 2019 business and marketing planning. Katerina serves as a Co-VP of Communications on the AMA Omaha Board, ensuring smooth email communications to all AMA Omaha members, event attendees and prospects. She is also a member of the Diesel Advisory Committee at the Omaha Metropolitan Community College where she drives initiatives that help young students pursue a career in the trucking industry. Stephanie is a volunteer for the AMA Omaha Communications Committee. Mid-States Utility Trailer Sales sponsored the AMA Omaha November Luncheon and plan to sponsor further AMA events in 2019. The company is committed to supporting their marketing team and entirely fund AMA membership and AMA event fees for both employees.

The team delivered a record breaking year with solid results in 2018. They collaborated well with all departments and explored now ideas which they then turned into reality. The team are results-driven and would rightly deserve recognition for their outstanding performance.